Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heavy Metal Ha-Ha (Halloween edition)

This just in (verbatim from the press release, with my bold added):

Sweden's whore-filth death metal horde, BASTARD PRIEST, return to stink up your speakers with latest full-length, Ghouls Of The Endless Night.

Featuring eight flesh-tearing tracks, the follow-up to 2010's Under the Hammer of Destruction is set for release via Pulverised Records on November 7, 2011! Recorded in mere days at Parasit Studio with Fred Estby (Necronaut, ex-Dismember) and mastered at Enormous Door Studio (Poison Idea, Phobia, Extinction of Mankind, etc.), Ghouls Of The Endless Night offers up a decomposing smorgasbord of primitive death metal and snarly hardcore punk perfectly fit for fans of Master, Autopsy, Dismember, corpsefucking and grave digging...

Ghouls Of The Endless Night Track Listing:
1. Pestilent Force
2. Ghouls Of The Endless Night
3. Enter Eternal Nightmare
4. Poison
5. Fucking Slaughter
6. Sacrilegious Ground
7. Last Scream
8. Enormous Thunder Of The End

Play this for the little kiddies coming to your door for trick or treat and you'll scare the crap out of them and their parents!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pruning the Bonsai - Learn from My Mistakes

A typical Saturday afternoon finds me playing with the music collection, sorting through new CD/digital releases and old LPs, trying to decide do they stay or do they go? Trying to revive the O/CD Tally, I started a new database which allows me to sort by artist, album title, digital or physical delivery, purchased or promo, etc. Why? Because I want to.

If a new CD replaces an old LP, I check to see if the vinyl is worth selling on (it has to fetch more than $10 and not have more than a dozen copies available to make the process worthwhile). If it isn't, it goes into the pile for the trade-in store. Going into the LP shelves invariably leads to finding stuff I haven't heard in ages and want to hear again. Today's "Oldie But Goodie" - Aztec Two-Step's "Second Step." I was especially excited to hear "Faster Gun" again - a gentle love song that knocked me out Back In The Day, when I saw the acoustic duo perform at my early alma mater Stony Brook (two years there and then I finished at NYU) - yeah, it was that long ago. And I rediscovered "Humpty Dumpty," a sweet/sad song that tells of unrequited love and asks if the Eggman jumped. (Sounds goofy but trust me, it works.)

And then I found some old Arlo Guthrie (I heard he and Pete Seeger showed up at OWS, NY, so good on them) and I thought I'd see if "Washington County" is worth holding onto. Frankly, listening to it now, I'm surprised I put up with that nasal-y whine as much as I did. Not to bash AG; he's written some fine songs, it's just that a little of that voice goes a long way. Ultimately, I think I'll just use my remaining credit for the month, grab a few songs from this LP and add it to the Outta Here bag.

Oh, and while I was ripping some songs from CDs that don't need to be kept (if it's not a favorite artist and there's nothing special about the packaging, I convert to digital and trade/sell off the physical copies) I discovered that I've lost a bunch of previously ripped tunes! My own damn fault; I wasn't paying full attention to the iTunes playlists. I have just learned the hard way that, if the time of the track is "Not Available," that means it wasn't transferred at all. And there's a bunch of songs that are suspiciously short. Checking them out, there are a few tracks under 30 seconds that are meant to be that way - interstitial (great word!) bits and band introductions, dialogue snippets, etc. - but again, a really short time listing is a sign that a song didn't get fully transferred. Oh, poop!

As I have often told the kids, if I can't set a good example, let me be a horrible warning...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Heavy Metal Ha-Ha

I love press releases touting very heavy rock music. Not because I listen to deathcore or grindcore or extreme metal or whatever the variations are, but because it has the most descriptive writing, and it's often unintentionally hilarious. Like this (emphasis added):

"NUNFUCKRITUAL's In Bondage To The Serpent crawls from the gutter like a diseased, decayed and decrepit corpse; a choking dirge; a hideous, malformed infestation of filthy underground metal that ignores trends, defies categorization and brings together some of the darkest, blackest, nastiest manifestations ever committed to tape. Degraded and corrupt, these six blasphemous conjurations call upon decades of extreme metal experience to devastating effect, resulting in an album so gross, rank and genuinely disturbing that it is the aural equivalent of being cannibalized by the leprous sisters Plague and Death. An insidious poison running through your veins, slowly devouring your life force, until nothing remains, but ruin. Obsidian incantations seethe with pure evil energy, summoning ancient deities to commit terrible atrocities against organized religion, a celebration of the ultimate triumph of mankind's dark side. Swarming, swirling and shimmering with mal-intent, In Bondage To The Serpent breaks new ground with its omnipresent, all-consuming evil vibe. This eerie, potent brew is, quite simply, a manifestation of pure, undiluted evil. Sickness never sounded so real..."

Damn. I just missed my mom's birthday...