Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Own Cash Money (Cheapo Edition)

I’ve purchased a lot of music in the last few days, most of it at bargain basement prices!

On Wednesday, I took a bag of trade-ins to the wonderful CD Cellar in Falls Church and, even with $35 credit, wound up spending almost an equal amount of my own cash money (it was the deluxe anniversary of “Nightmare Before Christmas” for Post-College Girl that tipped the scales).
I came home with:
1. BEN FOLDS – Sunny 16 (Epic)
I was actually on the prowl for the new CD, after Hubby told me that he’d heard a great advance track featuring Regina Spektor, but that isn’t due, I now realize, until the end of the month. This 6-track EP opens strong with “There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You,” and has one seemingly obligatory song riddled with curse words. ($6)
2. LONG TIME GONE: 15 All-New American Music Classics (UNCUT)
I have finally broken the habit of buying each and every monthly British magazine that comes with a free CD sampler, but I can’t resist getting the music for a mere two bucks, as they’re great in the car. This one offers Fleet Foxes, Joan as Police Woman, Silver Jews, and the usual newcomers that might lead to happy discoveries. ($2)
3. ASTRALWERKS: Sampler 2001 Vol. 1 (Astralwerks)
A brief hop back in the time machine to hear what the fine dancey/alternative label was betting on seven years ago. I know Air, Beta Band, Doves and Basement Jaxx made a good impression, but can’t say why the likes of Neu!, Scanty Sandwich, Uberzone and a few others never made the grade. Monday Morning A&R Quarterbacking, here I come. ($2)
4. TODD RUNDGREN – Re-Mixes (Brilliant)
I’m a little nervous about The Runt redoing his classic tunes, but it’ll kill some time on the ride to work. ($2)
5. The KLF –The White Room/Justified & Ancient (Arista)
A 2-disc set in a generic (advance?) case, one of which is the full album, the other a 5-track EP of “Justified…” More backwards time-tripping. ($2)
A 2-disc set, one of original material and one of remixes, with plenty of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings on hand. ($2)
7. YES – In a Word (Elektra/Rhino)
A 5-disc box set from the always-skillful archivists at Rhino. An excuse to relive college memories (my boyfriend of the time was a huge fan, with a “Tale of Topographic Oceans” mural painted in the hallway of his dorm room) and maybe to clear out some of the old vinyl. I may never get past disc three, since I lost patience around the time of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” – and that’s here on disc four! Still, I can’t resist “I’ve Seen All Good People.” ($10)
8. SIGUR ROS – Heima (XL Recordings)
A 2-disc DVD set that I’ve read brilliant things about.

And Thursday, I was at the local Thrift Store, for these finds:
9. EDDIE FROM OHIO – Actually Not (Virginia Soul)
1993 release, marked as a promotional copy; one of about a half dozen copies from the popular local outfit. Who is clearing out their closet?
10. NIRVANA – In Utero (DGC)
If I ever get a good price on my clear vinyl LP copy (not that I’m sure I’ll ever want to part with it), I’ll have the CD ready.
Generic slim-line case, with no liner notes, but it is the actual CD. Good for making oldies compilations for the older family members.
12. JACK JOHNSON – Brushfire Fairytales (Enjoy/Universal)
One of those CDs that I might already own but, at these prices, I won’t risk missing out. It’s in excellent condition, so I can always sell it off again later.
13. DAVID BOWIE – Earthling (Virgin)
A cheap chance to catch up with a well-respected artist whose always interesting, even if it turns out to be one of his lesser works. Includes “I’m Afraid of Americans,” more true now that when he first recorded it in 1997.
14. FRANK SINATRA – Christmas Cabaret (KRB/Passport)
Geez, I guess it’s getting on that time of year when the holiday records are promoted (Enya just announced one, and Reliet K has a reissue on the schedule), so I’ll begin long-range planning for the 2008 “Cool Yule” mix. This one is a mixed bag of tracks from the Chairman and friends – Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby, and Enzo Stuarti and Lou Monte (who are those last two guys?!).
15. TORI AMOS – To Venus and Back (Atlantic)
I was hoping that the regular cashier at the back of the store wouldn’t notice that this is a 2-disc set, and I might get away with it for $1.50, but she’s a sharp one, and charged the whole (!) $3. I might have hesitated had I known, not being a major Amos fan, but hey, it’s still less than the tall chai latte I bought on the way home.

Year to Date O/CD Tally: 158

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

After a Long (Shameful?) Absence...

I'm going to take charge and get this mofo back in gear!
Or maybe I'll just try to be better at signing in more often.

Anyhoo, let's recap a few recent Washington Post previews:
Music Builds Tour featuring Switchfoot, Jars of Clay and Third Day
Johnny Flynn, Post College Girl's British discovery, whom we'll be seeing later this week at the Birchmere
Planet Arlington World Music Festival with Solas, Ricardo Lemvo and others

The Motels, featuring Martha Davis

Melody Gardot
The Wiggles And yes, I interviewed the Blue Wiggle!

Some of these shows involved CDs, so I'll add them to the O/CD Tally:
1.JARS OF CLAY - Closer EP (Gray Matters)
2.SOLAS - For Love and Laughter (Compass Records)
3.MELODY GARDOT - Worrisome Heart (Verve)
4.THIRD DAY - Revelation (Sony)

And, while I'm at it, I'll toss a bunch of other albums in that haven't made a strong impression, but might as well be mentioned so I can move on. I declare New Release Amnesty!
5.The FUTUREHEADS – This Is Not the World (Nul Records)
6.LUKE DOUCET and the WHITE FALCON – Blood’s Too Rich (Six Shooter Records)
7.The SLACKERS – Self Medication (Indication Records)
8.CAROLINE HERRING – Lantana (Signature Sounds)
9.TIM LEE 3 – Good2b3 (The Paisley Pop Label)
10. SUBTLE – ExitingARM (Lex Records)
11.PORCUPINE TREE – Lightbulb Sun (Kscope)
12.RACHEL SAGE – Chandelier (Mpress Records)
13.FRIGHTENED RABBIT – The Midnight Organ Fight (FatCat)
14.The INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS – S/T (Sugar Hill Records)
15.BEAT UNION – Disconnected (Science)
16.MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK – Even If It Calls Me (Epitaph)
17.The M’S – Real Close Ones (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
18.The SUBMARINES – Honeysuckle (Nettwerk)

which brings us to
YTD O/CD Tally: 143

As Post-Collge Girl said to me, "You'd better get to it, if you're gonna reach 1,000"