Thursday, April 19, 2012

He Shall Be Levon

One summer when I was close to finishing grammar school, I bought my first stereo - a cheap plastic model, with speakers that folded out from the middle. The salesman at Sears showed me how it worked by playing The Band album, the one with the brown cover. I said it sounded cool - the music and the player - and he gave me the album to take home. Fell in love with that album. Still a favorite. RIP, Levon.
"Across the great divide. Just grab your hat and take that ride..."

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Pixies music to make it all up to you.

CPF, you've been a good little blog and I've been very bad to ignore you.
So, to make amends in this brief moment, I offer to any and all followers a free 4-track download from the Pixies, recorded at their 2004 Coachella performance.

And if you're sad not to be out in the desert this weekend, here's a reminder of what you're missing (he he):